Our services for families

  • Placement of Domestic Helper/Nanny/etc., live-in, 80 - 100% workload
  • Placement of Domestic Helper/Nanny/etc., live-out, 20-100% workload
  • Placement of Au Pairs from different countries (EU & Third country members)
  • Obtaining permits for Au Pairs from third countries (Non-EU)
  • Obtaining permits for Domestic Helpers/Nannies
  • Handeling of legal dedations realted to the employment and regards to salary payments
  • Different services such as set up of working contract, etc. 
  • Emergency Nanny needed for 4 to max. 84 hours

Should you be interested receiving more information about our service with conditions, process, etc. then plesae contact us. You can write us an Email to info@perfectway.ch or you can use the contact form.

Would you like to get more information about domestic staff or Au Pair, here you find more Details:

We would like to already inform you ahead, that before we cooperate with families, we do a personal home visitation. This should give us the possiblity to get to kow you as a family, your needs and wishes, see how you live and the possible future employees room, etc. Also it should give you the oppertunity to get to know us and our services. For this personal visitation we charge a one time fee of 200.- CHF, which will be billed after the visit.