Definition Au Pair

Au pairs are young people who live with a host family in order to learn the language, gain experience and deepen their general education within the framework of cultural exchange. In return for board and lodging and pocket money/salary, au pairs work in the host family's household.

Legal Regulation / Conditions

Switzerland has one of the strictest rules in Europe for the employment of au pairs. Au pairs are well protected in Switzerland by legal regulations.

Here is an outline of the most important rules/conditions for au pairs:

  •  Families who want to employ an au pair from a third country (non-EU passport) must obtain the permit through recognized agency in Switzerland
  • Au pairs from third countries can be 18 - 25 years old, au pairs from EU/EFTA countries can be 18 - 30 years old.   
  • Au pairs from third countries may work as au pairs in Switzerland for a maximum of 1 year, au pairs from EU/EFTA countries may work as au pairs for a maximum of 2 years
  • The au pair's salary depends on the guidelines of the respective canton and is between 500 - 800 CHF net monthly in Switzerland
  • The au pair and the host family must not be of the same nationality, have the same mother tongue or be related, this applies to au pairs from third countries as well as EU/EFTA
  • In the host family, either German, French or Italian should be the spoken language, depending on the canton in which the host family lives
  • Au pairs are allowed to work max. 30 hours per week, of which the host mother or father must be present at home for at least 50% (15 hours) of this time as a support
  • The au pairs mainly help with childcare and light housework
  • Au pairs work either 5 days with 6 hours or 6 days with 5 hours
  • The host families are legally obliged to handle the social contributions (AHV/IV/EO/ALV), withholding tax, as well as any BVG, UVG insurance, any KTG insurance, etc., and to account for them correctly on a monthly basis in a pay slip, to make the annual declarations, etc.
  • Board and lodging is legally set at CHF 990 per month, as is the salary component

You are welcome to contact us should you have any questions, preferably at

Required Profiles

 We are usually looking for au pairs with the following profile:
  • between 18 and 30 years old for EU citizens, between 18 and 25 years old for persons without an EU passport
  • good German or English so that you can communicate with your host family without any problems
  • enjoy children and to work with children
  • ready to do light housework
  • peson should be very interested in learning the language (German/French), getting to know Swiss culture and   making new experiences.
  • wants to integrate into and support a family
  • Open, friendly, reliable, responsible, cheerful, willing to learn and curious, one should be
  • Being able to cook simple and healthy dishes
  • Being able to swim
  • groomed appearance
  • Completed education (Bachlor) an advantage
  • Driving licence is a plus
If you are interested, please feel free to send us your application at any time at

Please send us the following application documents:
  •     CV with photo
  •     Cover letter/Motivation letter
You can also reach us via the contact form.

Experience reports from au pairs

 Here you can find some testimonials from our au pairs:

  • Punam Kafle, from Nepal, Au Pair in Switzerland 2019
  • Rosie Lamera, from the Philippines, first au pair and then trainee in Switzerland, is currently working as a nurse in Germany
  • Zyrine Buisel, from the Philippines, first Au Pair in Switzerland, then Au Pair in Germany, Stagiaire in Switzerland and currently Nurse in Germany
  • Jean Vergara, from the Philippines, first Au Pair in CH, then Au Pair in Germany, currently working as a nurse in Germany
  • Mae Plopenio, from the Philippines, first Au Pair in Switzerland, then Stagiaire in Switzerland, currently working as a nurse in Germany
  • Mia Gulfan, Au Pair from the Philippines
  • Melina Bjeletic, Au Pair from the USA


Should you have any difficulties or problems as an au pair, you can contact us at any time. This also applies if we have not placed you. The best way to contact us is at or 078 881 56 12.