You have chosen to employ a domestic worker/nanny to help you in the household or with bringing up children. But before you get down to business, the following points need to be considered:

Work permit for domestic workers & nannies

As a family living in Switzerland, you have the possibility to employ domestic workers who already live in Switzerland with a valid work and residence permit or people who live abroad with a valid EU passport. Third-country nationals cannot be employed, as it is not possible to obtain a permit for these persons. There is an exception for families who move to Switzerland and have legally employed a domestic worker/nanny where they live now. For further information please contact us directly.



What you need to know

Employment of domestic worker/nanny

Domestic workers are subject to the NAV - Ordinance on the Normal Employment Contract for Domestic Workers. The statutory minimum wages and various conditions which must be observed are set out in this ordinance. Each canton also has its own regulations, which are explained in the cantonal NAV.

Please note that the amount of the salary depends on education, experience, skills, market value, etc. The market wage is between CHF 4,000 and CHF 6,000 gross per month.

A domestic worker can be hired as a live-in or live-out employee. Domestic workers who live with families (live-in) usually come from abroad and move to Switzerland for the job. For domestic workers who already live in Switzerland, in most cases only a live-out relationship comes into question - employee person works in the house, but lives in his own apartment.

As a family, you are an employer, which is why you are subject to legal obligations, such as drawing up the monthly pay slip, registering with the social security institutions, declaring withholding tax depending on the domestic worker, preparing annual declarations, taking out necessary insurance, etc. Perfect Way offer families a separate service, where all bureaucratic tasks are taken care of for you in an all-round service.


NAV - Normal employment contracts for domestic workers

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