Manuela Schatzmann – Managing director/owner

Manuela Schatzmann is trained in business administration and has worked in the family business since 2009. She started as a clerk and shortly afterwards took over responsibility for the   office in Brugg AG. Prior to this she worked and studied in Shanghai for three years to gain experience abroad. In 2013, she completed her training as a human resources officer and in 2019  she completed her training as an HR specialist, Federal Diploma of Higher Education - specialising in Private Personnel Recruitment and Temporary Staffing. Since the generational handover  in 2019 Manuela Schatzmann, (daughter of Karin Schatzmann), is the managing director of Perfect Way. The first official act of the new managing director was the expansion of the sole   proprietorship to a GmbH.

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Boiana Doero - Migration law specialist

Ms. Boiana Doero joins our team at the end of November 2021. As a specialist in migration law, she brings an enormous added value to our company and can enlarge/expand/differentiate our offer in the area of work permits and give it a whole new quality and professionalism. Mrs. Boiana Doero, a native Bulgarian, grew up in Germany and Switzerland, graduated from the Kirchenfeld High School in Bern with the Matura Type E. She obtained her Master's degree in Law from the University of Lausanne in 2006. After her studies, she worked for 15 years at the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) as a lawyer and most recently as Deputy Head of Section in the area of the labor market. She has completed various advanced trainings in migration law, foreign trade law as well as project management and leadership and is fluent in German, Swiss German, French, English and Bulgarian.

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Tina Pettersson – Admin Staff

Tina Pettersson was born in Sweden and was herself successfully placed as an au pair by Karin Schatzmann in 1997. Today she supports Manuela Schatzmann in the daily office tasks, such as checking references, making preparations for accounting, customer care and payroll services.

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 Karin Schatzmann - Consultant

Karin Schatzmann was born in Sweden and migrated to Switzerland in 1981. She herself was an au pair girl in Canada and Brussels in her younger years. In 1980 she  successfully completed her training as a hotel manager. After arriving in Switzerland, she worked for the first 10 years for the Swedish-Swiss ABB Group. In 1993, she founded the sole proprietorship Perfect Way. Her greatest hobby has been her profession. She visits families in advance and takes over the partial care during the employment of the staff. She has a strong network and maintains this network with great passion and dedication. Due to the generational change and handing over of the management to her daughter Manuela, Karin Schatzmann will continue to support Perfect Waybut with time, plans to gradually ease into her well-deserved retirement.

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 Claudia Haussener-Schärer - Accountant with Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Claudia Haussener-Schärer has been working for Perfect Way since 2005. After her commercial apprenticeship on a local commune she worked for several years as central administrator of a smal commune. After a professional reorientation, she successfully trained as a federal accountant in 2004. Today, in her official function as a fiduciary, she offers everything in connection with AHV, BVG, and withholding tax and takes care of all the accounting side of the business for Perfect Way.