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    Our familes generally work full/part-time and are looking for a solution for their kids, sombody with a good education, qualified and warm hearted, who will support the family in childcare, raising the kids and house hold duties. 

    Depending on how many children at what age a family has, the work load can be very different and the responsibilites as well.

    A driver´s lisence and experience in driving is for almost all the families a requirement. There are families which are not requiring a lisence.

    A lot of our clients are not German speaking mother tongue, therefore they wish to have a German speaking Nanny, who will help the kids with the home work and help to improve the speaking skills.

    All families wish to have a Nanny, which is role model with healthy diet and cleanness. Therefore the Nanny are required to buy healthy food, cook balanced and keep the home dity.

    The Nanny is the link between the teacher and the parents. It is important to put a lot off erffort into the planing of activities, which are rich in variety. The saftey of the children are the first priority, there fore a fist aid certificate is surley useful.

    Families would like a have an stable enviroment for their children, therefore the employments are always based on one year contracts as a minimum. Of course there are termination guidelines in the contact.

    Should the cooperation not be extended after the contract has ended, the Perfect Way team can help to find a new family.

    Job Requirements

    Perfec Way is looking for educated:

    • Child care workers
    • Teachers
    • Children´s nurse
    • Social pedagogue
    • Occupational therapists
    • etc.

    which are fluent in German or English and want to work as a Nanny within a family in Switzerland, for at least one year.

    The main requirements are to enjoy working with children, intrest in new challanges, nice apperiance and good manners.

    Should you be intrested in a postion as a Domestic Helper, please send your full application to info@perfectway.ch or by mail to Perfect Way, Bachstrasse 1, 5200 Brugg, Switzerland.

    Application Folder

    • Letter of Motivation (detailed and personal)
    • CV with photo
    • References if available
    • Evtl. references from othe jobs related with childrenAnschreiben (gerne ausführlich und persönlich)
    Perfect Way / Bachstrasse 1 / 5200 Brugg, AG / Switzerland
    +41 (56) 281 39 12 / info@perfectway.ch