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    Mae Plopenio, Philippinen - vom Au Pair zum Stagiaire und nun nach Deutschland als Krankenschweste Report

    Zyrine Buisel, Philippinen - vom Au Pair zum Stagiaire und nun nach Deutschland als Krankenschwester Report

    Rosie Lamera, Philippinen - vom Au Pair zum Stagiaire und nun in Deutschland als Krankenschwester Report

    Jean Vergara, 23, Philippinen
    "For all the things that happened to me here in Switzerland, I looked at them as a blessing" Report

    Herstin, Philippines "February 2015 I arrived in Switzerland. Winter session so the weather is very cold. First time in my entire life that I've experience that kind of weather" Report

    Mia Gulfan, Philippines
    "I had to stay with Ma'am Karin. My extra mother. She was the one who stayed with me and never left me all the way. Perfectway helped me to have another family. And through them I was able to meet Family............" Report

    Paula Bianca B. Villareal, 27
    "With all the things and the experiences I've been through with my stay here in Switzerland, I owe everything to the people who helped me. This is the best year of my life" Report

    Aileen Dumalaos, 23
    "Normally you can not change families but they gave me a second chance and I am very grateful for that"

    Melina Bjeletic, 24
    "Luckily I came across the Swiss Labor department's phone number where they directed me to Mrs. Schatzmann"

    Erfolgsgeschichten Hausangestellte

    Rita Maiwald, 48
    "Nur besondere Menschen hinterlassen Spuren. Frau Schatzmann ist so ein Mensch für mich."

    Lena Harms, 25
    Ausgebildete Erzieherin seit 1.5 Jahren in der Schweiz

    Annegret Rose, 47
    Gute Fee bei einer Familie

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